The Thursday Nov. 18 session of the POLICE Technology Experience (PTE) will focus on Crime Analysis Software and Facial Recognition. It is sponsored by Clearview AI, CrimeCenter Software, and Uncharted Software (GeoTime).

The Nov. 18 PTE sessions will begin at 11:30 a.m. Eastern with a keynote address titled "Facial Recognition: Policy Adoption, Privacy Compliance & Best Practice Workflows for Law Enforcement Agencies."

Presented by Roger Rodriguez, vice president of sales for Clearview AI, the keynote address will cover current applications of facial recognition in law enforcement, the use of social media images in the investigative process, the need for policy adoption and facial recognition procedures, facial analysis techniques, and the importance of using system oversight and reporting tools for better accountability and transparency.

Following the keynote, at 1:10 p.m. Eastern there will be a presentation of three case studies.

Case Study One: "Using Communications Records and Google Location Information to Enhance and Visualize Your Investigation and Prosecution" will be presented by Darryl Valinchus, law enforcement liaison at GeoTime.

Case Study Two: "How Modern Investigation Tools Helped Bring an Officer's Murderer to Justice" will be presented by Michael Cunningham, operations manager for CrimeCenter Software, and Alan Youngs, former chief of police for Lakewood, CO.

Case Study Three: Focuses on closing cases with the aid of facial recognition and will be presented by Sgt. Alejandro Gutierrez of the Miami Police Department.

The final event of the day will be roundtable discussions between the audience and representatives from GeoTime, Clearview AI, and CrimeCenter Software.

The Wednesday Nov. 18 session will be the fourth of six virtual events in the POLICE Technology Experience.

Previous Police Technology Experience sessions covered mobile technology; officer efficiency tools; CAD, RMS, and jail management solutions. Registered attendees can listen to these sessions at

POLICE's free virtual technology classes and law enforcement networking events will continue once per week on select weeks in November and December.

Upcoming sessions include:

December 2: "Training, Scheduling, and Policies & Procedures Software" will be sponsored by Envisage, PowerDMS, and Schedule Express.

December 9: "Video Analysis Redaction Surveillance & Storage" will be sponsored by Avigilon and Veritone.

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