A new survey published in the Thin Blue Line, the publication of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, reveals that LAPD morale has cratered and that officers feel they are not supported by the chief.

According to the Thin Blue Line survey, 86% of respondents feel that they don’t feel supported by Chief Moore. More than 90% said they don’t feel LAPD command staff showed strong leadership during the civil unrest, and a shocking 90% said they would retire right now if they could,“ Fox 11 reports.

“More people responded to this survey than any survey we’ve done in the last nine years that I’ve been here,” said Craig Lally, president of LAPPL. I’ve never seen morale this low, and I’m going on 40 years in the department.”

Chief Michael Moore responded to the union survey with a letter to his troops.

“The publication with the Thin Blue Line coming out, I knew it was coming, but I knew also that there would be a lot of eyeballs reading that and I felt it was appropriate to do a department-wide message to say and acknowledge that the survey occurred, what it’s findings are, and my commitment to do the best job I can, but also to express my apologies, my regrets, because my actions have not been in all instances what they should be, and my commitment is to do a better job as their chief,” Moore told Fox 11.