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LAPD announced Tuesday that effective immediately, the Los Angeles municipal code has been amended to prohibit laser pointers and other laser devices at public demonstrations, rallies, protests, picket lines and public assemblies.

The Los Angeles Police Department had requested that the City Council make the changes to the law that bans certain items at highly populated events after the department reported multiple officers have suffered eye injuries from laser devices during protests.

On Tuesday, police announced that the council and Mayor Eric Garcetti added the amendment to 55.07 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code to prohibit "laser pointers or laser-style device emitting any color beam, milliwatt output level, intensity class level or any visibility level, including infrared or non-visible" from specified events, CNS/KFI reports.

LAPD Lt. Christopher Zine said Los Angeles has had 20 incidents of laser pointers being used to blind or distract people this year, and not just police officers.

Of 24 total victims, 20 were police officers, some of whom were driving patrol vehicles when lasers were pointed at them, Zine said.