The POLICE Technology Experience (PTE) will kick off Wednesday Oct. 28 with a discussion of mobile law enforcement technology focusing on how body-worn camera technology is advancing to help agencies comply with their recording policies.

Spanning three separate sessions the online technology discussion will include a keynote, a case study panel discussion, and a roundtable with Utility, makers of the BodyWorn system.

In the keynote, retired West Lafayette, IN, police chief Jason Dombkowski will ad-dress one of the most important issues in law enforcement: ensuring that body-worn cameras are activated during controversial incidents. Dombkowki's presentation will look at technology that can eliminate the need for officers to manually activate their body cams. Such automatic systems can be set up to trigger recordings in compliance with agency policy.

Dombkowski will talk about the following:

* The differences between policy-based automatic recording and first-generation body-word camera capabilities

* The newest automatic recording triggers available in the body-worn camera industry

* The benefits of policy-based automatic body-worn camera solutions

Following the keynote, there will be a panel discussion on mobile devices led by Lt. Rachel Jefferson of the Bowie (MD) Police Department and Lt. Donald Peck of the Nampa (ID) Police Department. Both will present case studies of their agencies' experiences fielding body cameras.

Lt. Peck will present the first case study. He will discuss the protocol the  Nampa PD used for comparing body camera systems, the request for proposal process, integration with CAD, and evidence management.

In the second case study, Lt. Jefferson will talk about the Bowie PD's body camera program. She will discuss video evidence and the chain of custody, using body cams in interview rooms, live streaming real-time events, and the redaction process.

Following the panel discussions, Utility will present a roundtable discussion about its body camera and video evidence management solutions.

The October 28 Mobile Devices session is part one of the six-part POLICE Technology Experience. POLICE's free virtual technology classes and law enforcement networking events will continue once per week on select weeks in November and December.

November 2: "Officer Efficiency Tools" will be sponsored by Brother, Nuance, and Tyler Technologies.

November 11: "CAD, RMS, and Jail Management Solutions" will be sponsored by Tyler Technologies.

November 18: "Crime Analysis Software and Facial Recognition" will be sponsored by Clearview AI, Crime Center Software, and Uncharted Software.

December 2: "Managing Personnel and Scheduling" will be sponsored by Envisage, PowerDMS, and Schedule Express.

December 9: "Video Analysis Redaction Surveillance & Storage" will be sponsored by Avigilon and Veritone.

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