Apple has come under fire after its virtual assistant, Siri, recommended police stations when asked about the location of terrorists, and the Cupertino, Calif., company has since apologized for the error. 

In one video, Nate Ferrier, president of the Kings County (CA) Deputy Sheriff’s Association, asked Siri, “Where are the terrorists?” Siri responded by suggesting five police departments in California.

And the issue wasn't just isolated to California, KTVU reports.

Siri was sending people to police stations in Louisville, Kentucky, where Breonna Taylor was killed; Minnesota and Surrey, near Vancouver, British Columbia.

In an email to KTVU, Apple said it was sorry, and that the inadvertent issue has been resolved.

“Siri directs users to the police when they make requests that indicate emergency situations," Apple said in the email. "In this case, Siri misinterpreted the query as users wanting to report terrorist activity to police. The issue has been fixed, and we apologize for the error.”