After hearing that some of its customers were struggling as a result of the pandemic, Pryme Radio Products has decided to help by launching a new warranty program on its premium product line.

Pryme’s new P3 Warranty Program guarantees protection on all Pryme Premium Products (P3) for a full three years, a major upgrade from the company's previous warranty coverage of one or two years. Additionally, in the event a problem occurs, Pryme’s Expedited Advance Replacement (EAR) benefit ensures a new P3 product is shipped out immediately, rather than waiting for the return to be received first. In fact, the majority of the time, it’s not necessary for customers to send back products at all. However, in the interest of continuous improvement, if there’s an opportunity to gain knowledge that will prevent future issues, Pryme is happy to pay freight costs on returned units, the company says.

Dave George, Pryme's chief technologist and president said, “We’re continuously making design and material enhancements to cables, plastics, and all other product components. Customer feedback guides many of our improvements and developments, as well as confirms that we’re making the best quality products possible.”

The P3 Warranty covers a wide-range of professional-grade, heavy-duty, high-performance two-way radio accessories regularly used by law enforcement.

“The decision to create this program was simple, but putting all the systems in place wasn’t,” said George. “Many of our competitors use a three-year warranty as a marketing tool. We took a more scientific approach by analyzing years of historical data to verify that every P3 product was worthy of extended protection. We also had to be prepared if an issue does arise to deliver quick response and replacement.”

Though Pryme’s business is making quality communications accessories, the company says what keeps it evolving is quality communication with customers, which inspires solutions like the new P3 Program.


About Pryme Radio Products

For over a quarter of a century, Pryme has been one of the foremost manufacturers of professional audio accessories for 2-way radios and push-to-talk (PTT) over cellular (PoC) apps on smart devices. Every Pryme wired and wireless Bluetooth product is designed and built in-house. Pryme also develops custom communications solutions for public safety. Pryme's Chief Technologist and President Dave George is an extensively published industry thought leader, holds 29 patents, and is the inventor of multiple award-winning innovations.