Dejero and Strax Intelligence Group have partnered together to develop the Strax Portable Datalink Device (PoDD), which delivers secure real-time data streaming from a variety of sources to public safety professionals.

The PoDD can stream video from cameras, drones/UAS, and manned aircraft to the Strax Rapid Response Platform for dissemination of critical incident data to responders, remote command centers, headquarters, real-time crime centers, and other authorized users. This can expedite decision-making and response, saving time, resources, and lives.

A fundamental component of the PoDD is the Dejero GateWay 211 network aggregation device, which provides reliable and secure mobile internet connectivity in challenging network conditions and is tightly integrated with the Strax Rapid Response Platform through an API with the Dejero Control cloud management system.

The Strax cloud-based platform unifies alerts, sensors, data, video feeds and communication into a single software platform to provide real-time intelligence.

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