The Jotto Desk Mamba Mount in Park & Work mode. (Photo: Jotto Desk) -

The Jotto Desk Mamba Mount in Park & Work mode. (Photo: Jotto Desk)

Jotto Desk has introduced the Mamba Mount, a laptop mount with five points of adjustment, including a 110-degree rotating Motion Arm and 90-degrees adjustable Tilt/Swivel Assembly.

"Our goal with the Mamba Mount was to design a mount so that the bare minimum of action would be needed by an officer to interact with their laptop," says Curt Hatton, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Jotto Desk. "By quickly releasing the rear plunger, this allows the computer to slide forward for use in the driver seat or outside of the passenger seat, and then reverse the process to return the Mamba Mount to the ride and drive position. All other movement or rotation requires no levers, knobs, or ratchets to adjust."

The swivel and slide design of the Mamba Mount allows the user to position their laptop in three modes: Store & Drive, Park & Work, and Tactically Safe.

Store & Drive is the best setting for driving while still viewing the computer screen but set away for easy access to the console.

The Park & Work mode allows the officer to bring the computer closer to them for a more ergonomic working position while sitting in the driver or passenger seat.

The Tactically Safe position is used while standing outside of the passenger side of the vehicle. This setting allows the officer to work while positioned behind an open door while maintaining eyes on people and the environment around them.

The Mamba Mount easily attaches to the majority of Jotto Desk Contour Consoles and any other standard console with side mount fittings, and it fits all Jotto Desk A-MOD Desktops.

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