Cellebrite, a global leader in digital intelligence solutions for public and private sectors, today announced it has rebranded the industry’s most comprehensive digital intelligence product suite.

The company said it was offering new product capabilities with enhanced user experience. The changes are the culmination of over two decades of innovation in accessing, managing and analyzing data with cutting-edge technology.

“Digital intelligence is an expanding space and this evolution reflects our continued commitment to lead and shape it alongside our customers and partners,” said Mark Gambill, CMO. “Digital Forensics is part of a wider space:  digital intelligence. It’s much more than access to data – it’s about managing and analyzing it to quickly pinpoint the critical evidence to complete an investigation.”

The new product names went into effect on May 19, 2020.

The following tools are now available:

Cellebrite Physical Analyzer 7.33: Surface relevant data more quickly with an intuitive user interface and capabilities that enhance accessibility to data from extracted devices.

Cellebrite UFED Cloud: Gain the ability to access cloud data from over 50 sources. Instantly view digital activity across multiple devices and locations, including device backups. Use watch-lists, text translations, and data enrichment to improve the review process.

One Simplified Review Process: Users of Physical Analyzer can now add UFED Cloud capabilities to their Cellebrite Physical Analyzer for a seamless review process.

Evolving Data Analysis for Actionable Insights

Customers can automate the analysis of digital data using AI to identify patterns, reveal connections and uncover leads with greater speed and accuracy with Cellebrite Pathfinder.

* Multi-Data Sources: Ingestion of multiple source files including, mobile devices, computer, cloud, call-detail-records, third-party applications and a variety of file extensions.

* Unique Investigation Modules: Automatically surface critical insights from very large datasets with a single dashboard with multiple views, including suggestive search.

* Flexible Infrastructure: Adhere to regulatory requirements with enhanced user management, permissions and performance monitoring.

“We live in an amazing time where technology has transformed the way agencies and businesses operate,” said Gambill. “The clock is ticking for them with each investigation. Organizations can’t keep up with the volume of information available and what is needed is the ability to accelerate the process to get to actionable intelligence. The demand for the digital intelligence solutions we provide is greater than ever.”


To help expedite its digital transformation, Cellebrite is now offering its law enforcement customers bundled solutions enabling them to quickly implement law enforcement workflows.

The solution is designed to help law enforcement professionals build stronger cases and protect communities with digital intelligence solutions for forensic examiners, investigators, field teams, prosecutors and agency management.

To learn more about recent product updates and solution capabilities, read the in-depth blog.