The AmpliVox SW925-96, shown with optional additional speaker, mic stand, and tripods. - Photo: AmpliVox

The AmpliVox SW925-96, shown with optional additional speaker, mic stand, and tripods.

Photo: AmpliVox

AmpliVox Sound Systems has introduced an upgraded version of its powerful Digital Audio Travel Partner Plus wireless portable PA system with a 96-channel wireless receiver. The company says the new capability will help increase sound coverage and reduce wireless channel interference.

The 96-channel receiver in the new SW925-96 is a significant upgrade over the 16-channel receiver in the previous model. "The use of wireless communication technology has greatly expanded since AmpliVox and its predecessor company Perma Power pioneered it many years ago," said AmpliVox CEO Don Roth. "Increased usage has also increased the possibility of signal interference. That's why we wanted to give our customers the latest wireless technology to ensure powerful, interference-free communications."

The SW925-96 includes a full range of features:

•             96-channel digital wireless receiver that operates in the UHF 514-544 MHz frequency range.

•             250-watt amplifier, delivering clear sound to up to 7,500 people indoors or out, in areas up to 25,000 square-foot area.

•             Two 6.5" high-performance, high efficiency woofers and dynamic compression tweeter, SPL 127 dB.

•             Complete portability, with built-in wheels and retractable handle, plus a rechargeable battery that runs up to 10 hours on a single charge.

•             Built-in Media Player with SD card slot, USB thumb drive slot, and Bluetooth connectivity.

•             Separate volume, base and treble controls; one ¼" input.

•             Choice of wireless microphone: handheld, lapel & headset, or over-the-ear; also includes wired handheld microphone with 25-foot cord.

•             Three XLR ¼" combo microphone inputs with Phantom Power switch.

•             USB charging port.

•             Change to Voice Priority reduces volume level of background music to make announcements.

•             Voice Enhance increases crispness and clarity in vocals.

•             Capability for an additional wireless receiver to enable another wireless presenter.

•             Bundled packages available to add tripods and additional speakers for expanded sound coverage.

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