At the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference, Nuance Communications Inc., a leading provider of conversational AI, will demonstrate Dragon Law Enforcement, its speech recognition solution tailored for the public safety sector. The company says Dragon Law Enforcement is helping thousands of law enforcement officers across the country modernize incident reporting, gain tremendous time savings, and improve safety conditions. Agencies in San Bernardino, CA, and Attleboro, MA, are among those the company says are realizing substantial improvements and breaking down barriers associated with older, manual processes and procedures.

"The volume of mandated paperwork we generate continues to grow, causing officers to spend more time creating accurate reports than policing the community. With Nuance, our officers don't compromise on accuracy or speed – they deliver detailed reports, on time, and in alignment with compliance mandates," said Captain Paul Williams of the San Bernardino (CA) Police Department.

"Reporting, while critical to what we do, can create obstacles in law enforcement – delaying casework, limiting officers' visibility in the community, creating unsafe reporting conditions in the vehicle, and contributing to officer burnout," said Chief Kyle Heagney of the Attleboro (MA) Police Department. "Nuance Dragon Law Enforcement helped our department significantly reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and paperwork. By modernizing our processes and procedures, our officers can spend more time focusing on policing neighborhoods."

A recent survey of law enforcement professionals from across the country uncovered that officers spend more than three or more hours per shift on incident reporting and other administrative work. The survey data also revealed that the administrative burden impacts report quality, community presence, and officer safety.

"The momentum we're experiencing in the market stems from a strong collaboration with our law enforcement partners to build technology that understands their challenges and the opportunities for improvement," said Mark Geremia, vice president and general manager of Dragon Professional and Consumer Solutions, Nuance. "We're privileged to offer our law enforcement customers across the nation a solution that helps them do their jobs more effectively and plays a significant role in improving the welfare of officers and the neighborhoods they serve."

Nuance's Dragon Law Enforcement is designed to give officers the ability to more quickly and accurately input data into Computer-Aided Dispatch/Record Management Systems (CAD/RMS) and perform everyday tasks such as license plate lookups, all by voice.

Nuance will showcase the benefits of Dragon Law Enforcement at the 2019 IACP Conference, booth #3426, at McCormick Place, October 26-29 in Chicago, IL. Nuance will also host a panel discussion at the conference titled, "Alleviating Paperwork Burnout in Policing: Why Departments Need to Turn to New Police Reporting Tools," Oct. 27, 12:30-1:30 PM CDT, McCormick Place West, W192c.

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