Tait Communications TP9500 and TP9600 Portable Radios - Photo: Tait Communications

Tait Communications TP9500 and TP9600 Portable Radios

Photo: Tait Communications

Tait Communications is expanding its TP9000 range of tough portable mobile radios with the addition of the TP9500 and TP9600 portables.

According to the company, these new high-tier radios feature best-in-class audio performance and are built "Tait Tough" for critical communications, adding further choice to the highly regarded range of robust, reliable Tait portables.

These advanced portable radios are expected to be of particular interest to first responders and other users in high-noise workplaces and situations where time and safety are critical.

Tait Communications' Chief Operating Officer Yoram Benit says Tait radio users have tough jobs, with first responders in particular facing challenging conditions every work day. "They need communications equipment that is totally reliable," says Benit. "These new portables are among the toughest mission-critical-grade radios ever made. They come with best in class received audio and active noise cancelation which means our users hear every call first time, which in turn helps to keep channels clear for other team members and that means improved safety outcomes."

Along with the enhanced call quality provided by a larger, more powerful speaker and dual-microphone active noise cancelation, Tait says user experience is further enhanced by a large color screen and WiFi over-the-air-programming (OTAP) capability.

The new radios are fully compatible with The Tait Enable suite of radio network management tools, including integrated The Tait GeoFencing options—customer-specific automated behaviors triggered by the radio's GPS location.

These new portables are multi-mode capable; the TP9500 functions in conventional analog, MPT, DMR Tier 2 and Tier 3, and shares the software features of the Tait TP9300 series. The TP9600 functions in conventional analog, P25 Conventional, P25 Trunked Phase 1 and Phase 2, and shares the software features of the TP9400 series.

Tait TP9000 series portable radios share battery and charger systems and accessories, allowing them to fit seamlessly into existing fleets.

At release, both DMR and P25 platform portables will be available in four-key and 16-key variants, in four frequency bands: 136-174MHz, 378-470MHz, 450-520MHz and 762-870MHz. Compliance has been achieved for North America, Europe, and Australasia.

For more information, visit https://www.taitradio.com.