Axon ( has announced that the Fresno (CA) Police Department, a Major Cities Chiefs Association member, is the first to deploy Axon Records, a revolutionary new records management system (RMS). Fresno PD deployed Axon Records in its entirety to officers and supporting staff in early September.

“After using a legacy RMS for more than two decades, it’s exciting to be able to move into the cloud and streamline the report writing process,” says Andrew Hall, Fresno Police Chief. “What was truly amazing to me was that we were able to train more than 800 employees in five weeks without disruption to the organization. Now that we are deploying Axon Records, we’re confident the system will incorporate everything we need for what is essentially the backbone of our agency.”

Axon Records allows agencies to streamline the report writing process so that officers have more time to spend in their community. This RMS is fully configurable, so agencies can create custom forms, workflows and work-groups to meet their specific needs. Other benefits and features of Axon Records include:

* Digital evidence at the heart of the record-Officers and Investigators can quickly incorporate all video footage, photos, documents and citizen-captured evidence into an incident, helping agencies quickly create a comprehensive view of a police incident.

* Dynamic reporting for any incident-Axon Records offers one dynamic report that populates only the necessary fields, hiding the rest. Data is entered once via predictive typing, eliminating the need for officers to have to type the same data repeatedly. Axon Records also includes a powerful and configurable validation engine so your agency can easily make the transition to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS).

* One big step toward automation-Axon Records is a force multiplier. By using modern technologies, Axon Records can integrate deeply with other systems at an agency to prevent officers from duplicating work. By combining AI with the power of the Axon network, Axon Records will be able to automatically pull in data from body-worn and in-car video, and publicly submitted evidence to pre-populate incident reports.

Axon Records is included for agencies purchasing or upgrading to the Officer Safety Plan 7 or Officer Safety Plan 7+ through the end of 2019. Axon Records will be showcased at this month’s 126th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference at the Axon booth, number 2211.