CentralSquare today announced the launch of a completely reimagined user experience (UX) for its Public Safety Mobile Enterprise software, an in-vehicle mobile platform built for first responders in law enforcement, fire, and EMS. CentralSquare says its new UX simplifies screens, minimizes the number of clicks, and proactively highlights critical data, enabling first responders to focus on the situation at hand and allowing them to quickly provide life-saving help.

Federal agencies have reported that over 600 firefighters and law enforcement officers have died as a result of vehicle crashes since 2000. While there are multiple causes of these fatalities, preventing distractions and making it easier for first responders to interact with their in-vehicle computers can dramatically increase the safety of first responders. CentralSquare says it is leading the industry in increasing first responder safety. "For first responders, cumbersome software design does not just make the experience of using software more complicated; it can cost lives. Solving this critical problem compels us to develop solutions that are responder-centric, fast and seamless. With this in mind, our new Mobile UX goes far beyond the aesthetics of design; it is at the core of how a first responder understands, reacts and responds to complex and evolving events. We believe first responders deserve best-in-class, powerful and user-friendly software that is as easy to learn and use as a smart phone," says Steve Seoane, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Public Safety.

With a public safety customer base of over 5,000 agencies, CentralSquare is hyper-focused on developing products that begin with the customer in mind. "The new Mobile user experience has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of first responders," says Dave Castleton, Vice President of User Experience. "Working with more than 30 agencies across the country, our designers spent 400+ hours in the field watching how first responders work, learning their pain points and brainstorming solutions with them, so we could build screens and workflows to speed-up their response to emergencies. We're thrilled by the results: information gets to first responders in less than half the time, with 36% fewer clicks."

The new Mobile UX's "glanceable" screen designs mean responders can get the information in a quick glance and then go back to focusing on the road, according to the company. Additionally, improved visual cues for hazards, warnings, dispatcher comments, premise history, unread comments, and key safety information are designed to provide in-depth situational awareness for first responders even before they arrive on scene.

Mobile Enterprise is an integral component of CentralSquare Public Safety Suite Enterprise. Used by one-third of the top 18 cities in the United States that enable coordinated fire, EMS, and police response, the Enterprise suite includes 911, Computer Aided Dispatch, Mobile, Records Management, Jail Management, and analytics.

To deliver immediate benefits of the new Mobile UX, the company has made it available free to all current CentralSquare Mobile Enterprise customers. Click here to learn more.