Assisted Patrol, a leading covert and bait product for cell phones and tablets, is adding new, powerful video and audio recording capabilities to its system. The company says officers will be able to better identify suspects as well as gather more investigation information during and after crimes are committed; confessions, convictions, and leads to more criminal activity will become even easier.

According to the company, Assisted Patrol is the only company to offer covert police bait technology on smart phones and tablets. During a theft operation, Assisted Patrol will alert officers as soon as the device is stolen and begin recording audio, video, and still images. Assisted patrol tracks the suspect's location using built-in fast, accurate GPS. Officers view their location of the suspect as well as the images and recordings on their smart phones or desktop computers. Blissfully unaware, suspects believe the device is turned off, so they keep the device due to its perceived property value.

You can use your imagination to use covert Assisted Patrol technology as a tool to help you get ahead of criminals. You can use this technology in a number of ways. Assisted Patrol is made to be easy to use so you can deploy missions and operations immediately and often.

For agencies who sign up with Assisted Patrol before December 31, 2019, the company will provide this new optional recording feature for free. After the first of the year, Assisted Patrol will begin to charge extra for the recording option.

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