Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a new radiation detector for emergency response personnel who require fast and highly reliable radiation detection and identification, such as police officers, firefighters, and hazmat specialists. The company says this high-sensitivity personal radiation detector is capable of detection at high range and in challenging environments for both search and find missions and hot zone response.

The Thermo Scientific RadEye SPRD-ER Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector is an all-in-one extended range unit for search, find, identification, and response missions. The company says the handheld instrument offers multiple modes of operation, is highly configurable for novice to advanced users, and works within a user's existing radiation operating procedures. Operators can use the instrument as a simple 0-9 scale radiation level gauge, or turn on dose rate readings, simplified gamma ID classification, or full spectroscopic capabilities.

The patented natural background rejection (NBR) algorithm is designed to significantly reduce nuisance alarms that result from concentrated, naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM), such as granite, natural stone and subway tiles. The instrument's sensitivity helps to quickly distinguish between potential radiation threats and non-threat sources.

"The RadEye SPRD-ER personal radiation detector is designed to localize radiation sources and monitor exposure to help keep first responders and other safety personnel informed and focused on the mission at hand, even when entering high dose rate scenarios," said Erica Hirsch, vice president and general manager of field and safety instruments at Thermo Fisher Scientific. "Our instrument's sensitivity allows for fast discrimination and adjudication of potential threats while the NBR technology reduces false alarms that can distract and be confused with legitimate alarm warnings."

The RadEye SPRD-ER personal radiation detector is built to withstand extreme temperatures and challenging environments. Its small, lightweight design is drop resistant and IP65 rated. Additional features include:

•             Large display with high screen resolution and brightness

•             Simple four-button design

•             Bluetooth integration with iOS and Android devices

•             Complimentary RadResponder iOS and Android phone apps

•             No-license-required field test adapter for performance and measurement verification

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