Rekor Systems is accepting pre-orders for the Rekor Edge, its all-in-one camera and vehicle recognition solution. 
 - Photo: Rekor Systems

Rekor Systems is accepting pre-orders for the Rekor Edge, its all-in-one camera and vehicle recognition solution. 

Photo: Rekor Systems

Rekor Systems Inc., a leading provider of innovative vehicle recognition systems, is now accepting pre-orders for Rekor Edge, its all-in-one camera and vehicle recognition solution designed to instantaneously read vehicle license plates, along with the vehicle's make, model, color, and body type. With an MSRP of only $1,599 and a claimed accuracy rate exceeding 99 percent, Rekor says the Rekor Edge will be the most cost-effective vehicle recognition solution on the market, enabling broad adoption of the Company's vehicle recognition solutions in industries such as parking operations, logistics, customer loyalty, law enforcement , or virtually any business or government agency.

Rekor Edge is designed to capture, read, convert, act upon, and store license plate and vehicle information in one easy-to-use device, enabling nearly any business operator, homeowner's association representative, or security system provider to implement vehicle recognition solutions.

"With this groundbreaking new product, we are opening a channel to any commercial business or government agency that has been unable to afford LPR systems. With the introduction of Rekor Edge, we take a giant step closer to bringing our industry-changing technology to the broader market," said Rod Hillman, Chief Operating Officer of Rekor. "Gone are the days of complicated, inaccurate, capital-intensive hardware that is dedicated only for the purpose of LPR and is expensive to maintain. With Rekor Edge, we're democratizing vehicle recognition solutions by bringing a cost-efficient and user-friendly solution to potential markets, applicable in any vertical where an accurate reading of a license plate is needed."

Rekor Edge operates any 1080p-15fps with wide dynamic range and IR night vision, capturing full motion surveillance video, plate reads, and vehicle characteristics in all weather conditions. According to the company, with plate reads at 99 percent accuracy, driven by a continuously improving machine learning engine, Rekor Edge opens the door to numerous business segments for LPR use. The system comes preloaded with a 3-year subscription to the vehicle recognition software, including maintenance, updates, and support.

"We are excited about bringing the Rekor Edge to market because it performs all the functions of a traditional LPR system, contained within a small footprint security camera," said Scott Rutherford, Rekor's Executive Vice President of Innovation. "We are developing a family of products around this concept, with two more all-in-one systems and a universal edge device that will enable connection to any IP camera. Release of these additional products will be later this year. We have seen other devices that claim to have similar capabilities, but none of them come with the same highly accurate vehicle recognition out of the box."

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