The NYPD is testing a virtual reality scenario-based training system. About 200 officers participated in the training program, which was conducted earlier this month at a state-of-the-art facility in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

"It adds another whole component. You can change the scenarios. You don't need that much space. So we're taking a good look at," says NYPD Counterterrorism Deputy Chief John O'Connell. "I get more scenarios in, in a much shorter time... you get really immersed. There's a lot of heart pounding and it's very realistic," says NYPD Counterterrorism Officer John Schoppmann. 

The NYPD is the host of the program. The training provider, funded through the Department of Homeland Security, is Louisiana State University and V-Armed, ABC7 reports. 

Kevin Burd, who is an instructor with LSU says, "Almost all the scenarios that have been developed here and that we've used during the week here are based on real incidents.