Silent Partner Technologies of Tampa, FL has released its latest edition of IntelliVan, a true 24/7 inventory tracking solution that provides real-time visibility of valuable assets within a variety of service vehicles—such as Fire Rescue, EMS, Police, Utility, to name a few. The automated solution through the use of RFID technology captures the contents of the vehicles, provides cellular updates, and offers GPS location of each item—with no human intervention.

Fire Rescue and EMS use the solution to provide real-time readiness to ensure that personnel always have the right equipment, in the right vehicles, at the right time.

Emergency response vehicles carry large numbers of specialized tools and medical devices essential for repairing damaged infrastructure or for saving lives. Making sure those items are available, and tracking their use, is mission-critical. Every minute spent accounting for those assets wastes valuable time that could be spent saving lives.

With IntelliVan, an onboard system communicates with each individual piece of equipment, providing a constantly updated account of where every item is and, in some cases, how often it's used. This approach to automating the inventory processes is designed to bring significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and loss prevention. Silent Partner Technologies says companies and agencies also gain a better understanding of what items are needed most, so they can stock vehicles more effectively.

Fire and EMS agencies, utility, restoration, and construction companies all face the challenge of tracking tools and equipment. Breakdowns in inventory control can have serious consequences, but the company says the Silent Partner IntelliVan solution could be the answer they've long been waiting for.

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