The Los Angeles Times reports that newly elected Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has notified nearly 500 supervisors on his staff that their jobs too are being reevaluated, firing outright 18 top executives.

In a massive review, all lieutenants, captains, and commanders have been asked to hand in forms that detail their years of experience, the Times reported. The forms will be used to determine whether or not the executives will retain their current positions, or be reassigned to a different rank or position.

Adding insult to injury, Villanueva also reportedly ordered supervisors to remove the insignia from their uniforms identifying their rank. Villanueva said that the gesture is part of "an exercise."

"People need to not rely on the metal on their collars to be influential leaders, but know that it's their actions that count," he said.

Lieutenant Brian Moriguchi—president of the Professional Peace Officers Association—said that the removal of rank insignia could cause problems if there were a critical incident.