Verizon engineers and fiber crews have been working around the clock after unprecedented damage to the company's fiber infrastructure caused by the most intense storm in history to make landfall in the Florida Panhandle. Services for Verizon's customers and first responders are back up and running now, providing wireless coverage essentially everywhere it was before Hurricane Michael hit.

"Verizon is back up and running in the Panhandle," said Tami Erwin, Verizon Wireless executive vice president of wireless operations.

Fiber, damaged in multiple locations from the impact of Hurricane Michael, then from early debris removal and other restoral activities, is stabilizing in the area, but any new fiber cuts risk localized area outages. Nicki Palmer, Verizon chief network engineering officer and head of wireless networks, has asked residents and rebuilders to help in the recovery effort by steering clear of fiber optic cables.

For weeks, Verizon's network teams have staffed 24x7 wireless command centers in hardened facilities that can withstand category five winds, assessing damage and deploying equipment and people for repairs. Verizon has been working with federal, state, and local emergency management teams to coordinate communication needs and efforts.

"We are committed to our Florida communities and we're in it for the long haul with you," said Krista Bourne, Market President of Verizon. "We know our neighbors in Florida have a long road ahead and we will be here every step of the way."

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