Superion, LLC, an industry leader in public sector solutions, today announced that it has acquired Public Safety Corporation.

Across hundreds of communities, high numbers of alarm-related calls are diverting limited resources away from true emergencies. For example, 15 percent of all calls for law enforcement services nationwide are alarm related. Of those, over 90 percent are false alarms. This puts an extreme burden on local law enforcement and fire agencies and endangers our communities. By adding false alarm management to its Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, Superion ensures public safety agencies can count on a broad, unified solution from a single trusted solution provider. False alarm management is no longer just an optional add-on solution for public safety agencies, but a critical and integral component of an effective CAD system.

With this acquisition, Superion delivers an integrated solution, which provides emergency responders with a complete view of alarms and premise information to support smart decisions and reduce response times by up to three minutes. As a result, public safety agencies decrease response to false alarms and increase time spent on crime reduction and other essential services, leading to safer communities. For example, Los Angeles saw a decline in false-alarm response by almost 60 percent – from 102,532 in 2003 to 41,848 in 2011. Similarly, Atlanta will recoup the equivalent of 8 to 12 full-time emergency responders by eliminating time wasted in responding to false alarms.

"For nearly two decades, Public Safety Corporation has delivered its proven CryWolf false alarm software solution to public agencies, commanding a 90 percent market share," said Superion CEO Simon Angove. "We are thrilled to welcome Public Safety Corporation to the Superion family. The integration of their solutions with the Superion software platform will enable smarter emergency response and improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of responders and the communities they serve."

Public Safety Corporation CEO Les Greenberg said, "Many local governments who use our solutions report that they have reduced emergency response to false alarms in half. This proven technology is already preventing tens of thousands of false alarms from consuming public resources across North America each year. When counted together, these valuable hours add up to time now better spent protecting and serving communities and conserving taxpayer dollars. It is exciting to be a part of Superion and bring this powerful technology to more local governments."

The acquisition also brings Medallion, a licensing and permitting solution, and Parking Citation and Payment Tracking, a citations solution, to Superion.

About Superion

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About Public Safety Corporation

Public Safety Corporation is a technology and technology-enabled services company focused on state and local government public safety projects and programs. Hundreds of cities, counties, and other municipalities, ranging in population from 20,000 to nearly 4,000,000, across the United States and Canada use PSC technologies and services to manage and bill alarm system fees, collect false alarm fines, recover public safety costs, and permit or license various events, services, substances, and assets.