ScholarChip, provider of automated school safety and operations services, has announced TruBlue Sentry, a visitor management system designed specifically for law enforcement and government buildings. Based on years of working with visitor management for K-12, ScholarChip partnered with police departments to develop this new system, integrating sex offender databases with outstanding warrant and persons of interest databases to develop this comprehensive visitor management system for municipalities.

“We recently installed our visitor management program into a large suburban school district, and the local police department was a part of the process,” said Craig Lockwood, president and CFO, ScholarChip. “And we discovered that the challenges faced by police precincts and other public spaces are similar to those faced in schools. Municipalities also have a large number of visitors and a duty to protect them, and we realized we could fit their need with a comprehensive and flexible visitor management system.”

Many law enforcement agencies and municipalities allow free access into their buildings, and sometimes people with open warrants visit court proceedings or bail their associates out of jail. With TruBlue Sentry, security guards can be alerted to an offender match and possibly catch a person of interest in real time.

The system focuses on four important aspects of visitor management and safety:

Identify: Municipalities must create safe environments and tracking all visitors like vendors, lawyers, jurors, family members, etc., quickly, easily, and cost effectively, helps keep populations secure. With automated driver's license, state ID, or passport scanning, information about who entered and exited the building is collected in real time, and vital data is available in case of emergency, at the touch of a button.

​Alert: TruBlue Sentry can integrate with an outstanding warrant or "person of interest" database, as well as ScholarChip’s comprehensive sex offender database, to help identify visitors of special interest. When their ID is scanned, a private message alerts security and/or administration of the match for optimum safety.

​Track: TruBlue Sentry's automated system takes human error out of the equation and keeps a municipal visitor management operation running smoothly and efficiently. With real-time, powerful reporting, staff gets an accurate count of who is in the building, when they arrived and departed, and where they went. The information gathered also provides quantifiable data for better and justifiable decision making. ​ Direct: Visitor badges are customized to show name, that day's photo, entry time, expiration time, and authorized department. With a glance, employees know a visitor's authorization status; badges develop a bright colored "VOID" symbol after 12 hours of use.

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