Force Protection Video Equipment announced that it has received patent pending status from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office for its proprietary design titled SHIELD HARNESS FOR MOUNTING A CAMERA.

Force Protection Video Equipment provides electronic surveillance equipment and specialized training to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

This newly designed product is made to allow law enforcement departments to use existing body worn cameras with their riot shields to gather evidence during protests and disturbances as well as to document inmate extraction in prisons. The design will enable the cameras to be mounted securely and have an unobstructed view point of individuals for later identification as well as for training.

"We are excited to announce that Force Protection Video has been granted patent pending status for this design. The U.S. Patent office has determined we have a patentable concepts/material/designs and we anticipate an issued patent soon. We will continue to take steps to protect our intellectual property in our products. I see this product as a great value to all law enforcement departments because it was specifically designed to work with all manufacturers' current body cameras and riot shields," said Paul Feldman, CEO of Force Protection Video Corp.

Force Protection Video cameras are state-of-the-art designs using the Ambarella chip. All of the company's cameras and recording devices have FCC, IC, and CE certification, which the company says is a must for its law enforcement customers to help ensure the quality of their products but also to maintain the legality of the recordings as evidence in a court of law. The company says the added cost it absorbed in obtaining these certifications evidences its commitment to providing only quality products.

The Force Protection Video cameras are rugged HD designs of which many incorporate Ambarella made chips that allow cameras and other devices to record high-definition video.

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