Blue Line Innovations, LLC is now offering the Sentinel360, which the company calls the world's first 360-degree in-car camera for law enforcement. Its patented design opens the door to greater transparency with its ability to securely capture, upload, and store a complete 360-degree view of an event, according to the company.

Based on the number and placement of the Sentinel360 cameras, officers can capture footage regardless of where it happens including the violator vehicle, officer's driver compartment, out both side and rear windows, and prisoner activity in the rear of the car.

Mounted simply to the windshield and/or back window, the Sentinel360 is a lightweight, durable camera capable of up to 4k light resolution, 360-degree panoramic or point-of-view (POV) video recording at 30 mbps.

"The Sentinel360 system combined with Fortify provides an unmatched level of transparency and secure evidential value that connects in-vehicle and body worn camera video with the cloud, resulting in a new level of awareness for law enforcement," said Mark Hutchinson, founder and CEO of Blue Line Innovations.

Video is stored on internal memory in the Sentinel360 and via Fortify, Blue Line's evidence management platform built on what Blue Line calls the fastest cloud service in the western hemisphere. Made to be always available and CJIS and FedRamp compliant, Fortify360 is an end-to-end solution designed to equip law enforcement to make more efficient reporting decisions, saving officers time with a simple interface and automatic uploads.

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