JW Fishers has been attending DEMA (Diving Equipment & Marketing Association) for over 30 years and 2017 was no exception. This year's show was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, and had over 600 exhibitors on the showcase floor. JW Fishers Mfg. held a drawing for a chance to win a top-performing SAR-1 underwater metal detector used by law enforcement agencies and military units worldwide. One lucky winner was picked from over 200 entries.

JW Fishers SAR-1 underwater metal detector in use (Photo: JW Fishers)

JW Fishers SAR-1 underwater metal detector in use (Photo: JW Fishers)

The winner of the drawing was Captain Steve Forlenza, Special Operations Command, SCUBA Operations of the F.D.N.Y. Scuba Squad. Captain Forlenza is in charge of coordinating all of the trainings for the team as well as marine maintenance diving to service all the vessels.

The F.D.N.Y Marine Operations division is "responsible for protecting the shorelines of the ports of both N.Y. and N.J., as well as the bridges and tunnels in and around New York City." According to Daily News the FDNY Scuba unit began back in 1981 with only 8 members and has expanded its members to over 100 located through all five boroughs. Each rescue squad has 25 team members that go through a vigorous training regimen so they’ll be ready to help the public in time of need. These Special Operations team members are trained for all emergencies on the open water from searching murky waters for a drowning victim to evacuating a crew from a burning barge. Departments that serve the NY waters need to be proactive and prepare for emergencies and mass casualty incidents that occur away from land-based EMS units.

JW Fishers will be at the FDIC '18 show in Indianapolis, IN, in April.

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