Meggitt Training Systems introduced its new portable training simulator the FATS 100P at the IACP conference held this week in Philadelphia.

The FATS 100P system includes all the tools necessary to conduct accuracy or judgmental training, including a laptop computer, software, a projector, hit marker, and speakers in a portable and lightweight package. It comes in a rugged hand-carry case the size of a large range bag that allows one person easy transportation, set up and operation.

“The FATS 100P brings portable, robust simulation training to the field,” said Andrea Czop, vice president for strategy, sales and marketing at Meggitt Training Systems. “This capability enables law enforcement departments the flexibility to train virtually anytime, anywhere.”

Meggitt says the FATS 100P virtual training system features advanced functionality for both instructor and trainee, delivering weapon handling and shot placement analytics, marksmanship automatic coaching tools and enhanced graphic capabilities, all in a compact package.

The FATS 100P Judgmental training employs more than 250 high-definition video scenarios with 1,250 branching options to produce dynamic escalation and de-escalation training. Integrated video authoring allows the instructor to create, edit, score, load and run customer content filmed locally in familiar locations. Up to six weapon simulators, including Meggitt’s BlueFire wireless weapons, can be run simultaneously.

Additional information about the FATS 100P can be found at the FATS 100P page.