Advanced RF Technologies Inc. (ADRF), a large pure-play in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) provider for public safety and commercial radio frequencies, has announced its new FiRe Series Fiber Optic Repeater, purpose-built to provide robust, mission-critical, and cost-effective coverage for first responders.

The line's flagship product is the FiRe-78-4, which combines ADRF's PSR-78-9533 FirstNet compliant public safety 700/800 MHz channelized digital repeater with ADRF's ADXV Series DAS Head End (HE), in a single compact IP66 compliant enclosure.

"We've designed the FiRe Series to address two of the largest barriers to entry for building owners and managers - cost and space," says Sun Kim, Product Manager at ADRF. "The integration of our DAS Head End and public safety digital repeater creates a cost-effective and compact solution for in-building public safety wireless coverage."

Key features include:

  • IFC and NFPA 2016 compliant
  • FirstNet ready
  • Supports dry contact alarming at both Head End and Remote Unit
  • Supports battery backup up to 24 hours
  • IP66 compliant
  • Supports up to 4 ADXV Remote Units with output power of 33 dBm
  • Supports up to 32 narrowband channels (PS700 + PS800)
  • Total system gain of 95 dB

The company says building owners who deploy the FiRe-78-4 can expect cost savings of up to 40% on their public safety communication equipment as it does not require a separate signal source for the public safety signal or additional fire-proof enclosure or battery backup for the DAS Head End. According to the company, the FiRe Series offers the flexibility necessary to cover buildings of all sizes and shapes up to 1 million sq. ft., respectively.

The FiRe-78-4 will be available for commercial deployment in January 2018.

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