Safariland Vievu, a brand of The Safariland Group, will debut the ClipLock universal body-worn camera mounting system at the 2017 International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference (IACP) in Philadelphia next week. This proprietary ClipLock design is integrated into a series of specialized mounting systems, providing officers multiple mounting options to quickly and easily transfer a camera between uniforms. The system will be on display during the October 22-24 conference at booth #1515, and will be available November 2017.

Based on input from law enforcement officers throughout the U.S., Safariland Vievu designed the ClipLock mounting system to allow officers to switch body-camera mounts without having to use any tools. By using this improved attachment system, officers now have more options when mounting their Safariland VIEVU body-worn camera. The ClipLock system can be used on anything from lighter-weight uniform shirts, to external armor carriers and heavier winter coats. 

“We’ve been outfitting officers with our protective gear for more than 50 years,” said Sean McCarthy, who leads Vievu and Safariland’s wearable technology business. “Innovative accessories – from holster attachment systems to body armor pouches and other ballistic add-ons – have been integral to equipping officers with options for greater efficiency and safety. Cameras are no different. Officers need a variety of attachments that work with their uniform, outerwear, armor, or other special equipment. That’s what prompted our innovative ClipLock design.”

The ClipLock Spring Clip is featured on the new Safariland Vievu LE5 body-worn camera, and both the LE5 LITE and LE4 body-worn cameras may be retrofitted with ClipLock mounts. The ClipLock design is made of rugged and weatherproof metal and ABS plastic, with the male portion affixed to the body-worn camera. The interlocking female portion is integrated on a variety of mounting options. The system attaches by inserting the camera’s post into the slot on the specific mount, turning it 90 degrees and pushing the camera down to lock it in place. 

“Our collection of mounts for the ClipLock system include our most popular clip attachments: a magnet, hook and loop, and an innovation called the Uniform Clamp. It simply clamps to the clothing fabric and holds stronger than a magnet. We believe this clip will set a new standard for camera attachments in the industry,” McCarthy added.


ClipLock Spring Clip

Compact and lightweight, this durable spring clip features a breakaway design for officer safety. It can be oriented either horizontally or vertically and comes standard with LE5 body-worn cameras.


ClipLock Hook & Loop Clip

This easy-to-use mount attaches to any clothing outfitted with hook and loop fabric. The female plate attaches to a patch of color-matched loop fabric, which has been sewn onto a carrier or other clothing. The user can then easily attach and detach the camera from the affixed mount.


ClipLock Uniform Clamp

This versatile mount is designed to securely attach to most clothing, including heavier-weight fabric such as jackets, without damaging fabric. This mount can be attached to outerwear and worn for an entire season. Metal adjustment screws ensure that, once installed, the Uniform Clamp is locked into a secure position providing a highly stable surface for Safariland Vievu body-worn cameras to be attached. 


ClipLock Magnet Clip

This universal magnetic body-worn camera mount easily attaches to most clothing without damaging fabrics. This design features a strong magnetic plate that slips into a pocket or on the body side of clothing. The female side of the ClipLock system plate connects to the camera, and this plate attaches through the clothing to the magnet for a secure hold.

Safariland Vievu ClipLock mounting options will be available for sale online. For more information, please visit