Kustom Signals Inc. will be offering a sneak peak of a new Radar at IACP in booth 2918. Eagle 3 Directional Radar offers front and rear scanning mode in an extremely small mounted radar.

Features include:

  • Front and Rear Scan Mode for advanced target tracking (patent pending)
  • Color touch screen display with selectable color options
  • Faster processing provides greater targeting range and improved target acquisition
  • Wireless Vehicle Speed Sensing enables automatic mode switching and independent patrol speed verification (patent pending)
  • Automated fork test method with mandatory option simplifies testing procedures (patent pending)
  • Certification notification with optional lock-out on expiration (patent pending)
  • Remote control with novel electronic tuning fork simplifies user testing requirements (patent pending)
  • DuraTrak tracking indicators improve target confidence (patented)
  • QuickTrak™ one button target tracking with lock (patented)

The color touch screen display changes color with front and rear target tracking. The target display position changes with front and rear targets. The user selectable options include one, two, three, and five color options. The radar can be completely controlled with the touch screen and doesn’t require the remote to be fully operational.

The new Eagle 3 will be available with directional K or Ka-band antennas.

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