Safariland Vievu, a leader in body-worn video and a brand of The Safariland Group, has announced a newly formed partnership with Digital Ally for an exclusive distribution agreement of Digital Ally’s patented VuLink car-based auto-activation system.

This system will allow Vievu and Digital Ally to implement a car-based auto-activation system that initiates recording on Vievu LE4 and LE5 body-worn cameras. 

“This partnership brings together years of proven expertise from the most respected brands in law enforcement,” said Stan Ross, CEO of Digital Ally. “We are pleased that others are recognizing the importance and value of our products and intellectual properties, especially our patented VuLink auto-activation technology. We are excited to partner with Vievu to give them the products and technology they need to bring this capability to Vievu’s customers.”

The Digital Ally VuLink system wirelessly sends a signal to automatically activate an officer’s body-worn camera based on various actions with the vehicle such as a siren being activated, lights being turned on, or a door opening. Vievu says the VuLink system, when connected to the Vievu body-worn camera will improve consistency in camera activation by automatically turning on the officer’s camera based on agency-selected vehicle triggers. The automatic activation will significantly reduce situations where body-worn camera footage is not available because an officer forgot to activate the camera during the stress of an incident.  

“This partnership with Digital Ally recognizes their patented auto-activation technology and demonstrates how innovation leaders such as Safariland, Vievu, and Digital Ally can work together to deliver superior solutions for law enforcement,” said Sean McCarthy who leads Vievu and Safariland’s wearable technology platform.  “By gaining exclusive distribution rights to Digital Ally’s patented VuLink technology, we will complete a Vievu platform of automatic triggers to activate a body-worn camera at the most critical moments: when an officer exits a vehicle and when an officer draws a firearm from the Safariland CAS auto-activation holster.”