VIDEO: CA Agency Equips Officers with Smartphone Body Cameras Powered by Visual Labs Software

The Fontana (CA) Police Department is equipping its officers with smartphones loaded with Visual Labs software that converts them into body-worn cameras.

By Sept. 1, all of Fontana PD's patrol officers will be issued one of the phones.

Visual Labs refers to the cameras as “body-worn computers,” since in addition to being able to take video, among other things, they can record audio, transmit officers’ locations to their supervisors, and live stream video.

“This really is the forefront…,” said Visual Labs CEO Alex Popof. “The only device (officers) need is the smartphone. It’s real time and it’s a singular device.”

The 200 Kyocera rugged smartphones were paid for in part by a Department of Justice grant. The $546,502 grant was split in half between the Fontana Police Department and the San Bernardino Police Department. The Fontana City Council approved funding to match the grant money, which was about $273,251, Sgt. Kevin Goltara told the Press-Enterprise.

"The technology will strengthen officer accountability and public trust," Mayor Acquanetta Warren told KABC TV