VIDEO: Arizona DPS Buys $2 Million of High-Tech Training Simulators

The Arizona Department of Public Safety has spent more than $2 million on virtual training simulators, designed to immerse officers in real-world scenarios.

DPS spent the funds on seven virtual training simulators. The technology not only provides 300-degree views of scenarios, but it's also designed to interact with the officers' use of judgment. The different scenes can play out in thousands of different ways, testing officers' skills and ultimately showing them what to do and not to do in stressful situations.

Five screens surround trainees in each scenario and depending on their actions, the instructor can deploy different endings, so trainees don't know what to expect, even if they go through the same scenario several times. They even experience a shock if they get shot.

DPS purchased seven of these simulators, which will be used in training academies across Arizona, Fox 10 reports.