SceneDoc, public safety all-in-one mobile software for data collection and retrieval, has announced the availability of SceneDoc V4.1, an autonomous module aimed at delivering patrol officers a cutting edge offering for eCitations.

V4.1 builds on the innovation introduced through V4.0 coined 'Timeline'; a set of capabilities designed to make it simple and intuitive to open the mobile application and immediately begin collecting any type of data, ranging from electronic notes to evidentiary photography.

"Palm Springs PD has been piloting SceneDoc's data collection platform. The launch of eCitations makes a ton of sense. Our officers will certainly be excited to leverage iPads and iPhones to issue tickets. This reinforces our belief around the importance of our officers on the front-line having access to such technology," says Sergeant William Hutchinson.

"SceneDoc's move into the eCitations market is organic. Our mission is to be the de facto standard in how data is collected in public safety and so our entry into this part of the market is natural for the team and natural for the market and our customers to expect. The SceneDoc Platform will continue to innovate and deliver new use cases for public safety mobility," says SceneDoc CEO Alex Kottoor.

Above and beyond all citation data being instantaneously searchable across the agency, new features in SceneDoc eCitations V4.1 include ID scanning, improved APIs for simplified pushes to Court and RMS, smart query from NCIC, CPIC, and other national/state databases, intuitive data entry, in-field bluetooth printing, configurable offline/online ticket numbering, and smart scheduling for court dates.

The company will be showcasing the SceneDoc Platform at IACP Booth #3852. You can also get a peek at a few integrated solutions at the Motorola Booth #3826 as well as at the Dell/EMC Booth #5307 and #820.

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