JPS Interoperability Solutions Inc. recently rebranded and launched a new website. The rebranded company will continue to manufacture and develop the market-leading ACU radio interoperability gateways and SNV-12 receiver voters.

JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc. is being led by Don Scott, one of the three former founders of JPS Communications, Inc., and has hired back many former employees. Agreements are currently being signed with the vast majority of its former dealers, distributors and manufacturer's representatives who strongly desire to continue to support the JPS product lines.

"Our products have proven vital world-wide in creating robust public safety, military, federal and private sector communications interoperability for day-to-day operations as well as during disasters and special events." said Scott. "We are committed to ensuring that our established interoperability product lines will continue to be offered and supported as we reposition the company."

JPS's ability to link all types of voice communications and merge them with IP provides increased situational awareness and command and control, as well as expanded regional and wide area coverage, according to the company. These capabilities are especially vital in an era of terrorist threats and during multi-jurisdictional responses.

"Our plans extend beyond continuing our established products," added Scott. "We will refocus on research and development as we work to retain our position as the powerhouse that brought JPS to prominence. We also remain committed to our customers; therefore, compatibility with the JPS products already in the field will be a key consideration in new product designs."

About JPS Interoperability Solutions Inc.

JPS Interoperability Solutions designs, manufactures, and sells electronic hardware and software products designed to cost-effectively enhance voice communications systems. The Raleigh, NC, company's Interoperability Gateways allow conferences between different types of systems with everyone using their current devices and their Voting Comparators improve coverage of analog radio systems. For more information, visit