The updated LiveScan 5.0 facilitates the capture, storage, and dispersal of criminal demographic and biometric information, including fingerprints, palm prints, iris, facial, and SMT images. 

“With more than 25 years of experience in the biometric industry, we understand that the booking process relies on this technology and historically has been a time consuming task law enforcement agencies are faced with every day,” said Chris Ede, global business manager for 3M Cogent. “In order to provide law officers with increased speed, assurance, and efficiency, we’re proud to introduce LiveScan 5.0 Software. Through our new criminal booking application, officers can assertively apprehend criminals, enter booking information, and stay on top of crime.”

The biometric capture process guides users, and the software’s increased information fields improve search capabilities. The software can be tailored to meet law officers’ needs and is optimized to provide ease of use. The modern user interface requires fewer clicks for the same tasks, compared to previous versions of 3M booking software systems.

LiveScan 5.0 Software verifies the quality of demographic data entered, and an automatic trigger helps capture high-quality biometric images.  In addition, the system provides real-time image quality check, auto-center, auto-contrast, and sequence verification throughout each booking.

In order to support a faster booking process, 3M LiveScan 5.0 Software features a training mode built right into the platform.  This offline training mode helps users learn quickly and on their own schedule, without the risk of false submissions or poor bookings. Additionally, users of the software can log in using only their fingerprint. For more information on 3M LiveScan 5.0 software, please visit