Photo: L-3 Mobile-Vision

Photo: L-3 Mobile-Vision

L-3 Mobile-Vision, Inc. has announced the release of its newest product,, a cloud-based evidence management solution designed to store and safeguard video data for BodyVision police body-worn cameras.

This innovative solution was developed in response to increased market demand for the quicker integration and deployment of L-3 Mobile-Vision's BodyVision cameras. leverages cloud technology to store and manage digital evidence on a platform that can scale with the needs of the agency in a secure, reliable, and affordable way. Users can easily deploy their body-worn systems in as little as one hour and access critical data with a single click, according to the company.

"Cloud computing is supposed to be a cost-effective data storage option, yet law enforcement customers are finding costs to be far greater than originally anticipated," said Leo Lorenzetti, president of L-3 Mobile-Vision. "We want to offer our customers a realistic data storage solution at a price they can afford – not just to access the data, but to provide affordable access to the body-worn camera technology that's needed in public safety today."

In addition to the ease of data access, comes with a variety of comprehensive, industry-driven features, including:

  • Automatic file upload with instant retrieval for HD/SD video data
  • Secure file storage starting at an amazing 200 GB for just $25/month (after that, offers low overage charges at just $0.09 per GB)
  • Automatic rules-based purging with time limits defined by individual customer policies
  • Chain of custody maintained via log records; log includes who uploaded the content as well as who viewed and downloaded videos
  • Simple category tagging for seamless search retrieval
  • Cloud-based access, enabling fast, easy updates inclusive of feature additions

Together, these features are designed to ensure digital evidence captured by BodyVision cameras is at the customer's fingertips at all times while maintaining a variety of industry best practices for affordable access to data.

About L-3 Mobile-Vision

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