Digital Ally has released new software updates for its local VuVault platform. Newly added features are designed to make it easier for you to manage your evidence and stay current with the latest technology.

MircoVuHD In-Car Video System

You now have the availability to configure settings for the MicroVuHD In-Car Video System. This system uses RFID technology for the login process. With this release of VuVault, you also have the ability to program your agency's RFID cards for your MicroVuHD users.

VuVaultGO Mobile Software

Digital Ally has added support for the VuVaultGO mobile software application. The app allows for full system control including the ability to view the video feed, add notes, and play back recorded videos.

Other updates include:


  • Added Vehicle Speed Sensor settings for DVM-800
  • Removed the following settings:

             Display Timeout

             Triggered Record Time

             Manual Record Time

             Authorized Upload Times


  • Added Auto Delete by Trigger options in the Auto Delete Policy under VuVault Settings
  • Moved some settings from the "Admin" pane to tabs in the new "Admin>VuVault Settings" menu
  • Moved global and individual device settings from "Admin>Settings" to "Admin>Devices"