Over the last year, integrated mobile solutions provider Data911 has been working with a group of law enforcement and fire service agencies to beta test the next evolution of its in-car M7 Display, the M7+ Multi-Touch Display. The results of these tests were so successful that, once it officially became available December 2015, virtually every participating department opted to purchase the M7+ Display, expressly designed for first responders.

Among the valuable feedback Data911 received from these tests was a list of what agencies decided were the most beneficial features and functions of the new 12-inch M7+ Display. First and foremost, the zero bezel (edge-to-edge) multi-touch screen was a key differentiator of this sunlight-readable, fixed-mount display.

Next on the list was the display's ability to support 5-finger touch, including the gloved fingers of public safety personnel. And for those who preferred inputting with a touch pen, the M7+ Display was also compatible with Data911's optional non-powered stylus, which requires no batteries or electrical cords. The touch screen supports touch, swipe, flick, or pinch and zoom, regardless of whether or not gloves are worn.

The M7+ Display also features three dedicated, programmable, backlit buttons. These buttons can be used for functions such as emergency calls, toggling between applications, Stealth Mode, Monitor Blank, and more.

High on the list of priorities agencies deemed crucial to keeping personnel safe was another set of features offered by the new M7+ Multi-Touch Display: Blank on Motion and Stealth Mode. While officers and firefighters are driving, any distraction can be dangerous. That's why Data911 added automatic Motion Display Blank to disallow use while driving. But, because Data911 knows there are occasions when responders require immediate access to vital information while on the move, they incorporated a user override with pre-set time limits. However, in compliance with departmental policies, all "un-blanks" are always logged for the record.

Stealth Mode is an entirely different kind of display blank and can sometimes mean life or death to law enforcement officers. With a single touch, all function buttons, indicator LEDs and keyboard lights can be blacked out completely when police vehicles must remain undetected in covert situations.

Law and Fire each have unique needs, but both demand equipment tough enough to survive harsh environments. Agencies who tested Data911's M7+ Display recognized the importance of its rugged features, including built-in thermal protection to withstand high temperatures, and chemically strengthened touch glass that exceeded all previous versions. Another feature of note was the addition of Impact Safety Bumpers to the M7+, which safeguards both the display and vehicle occupants in the event of a collision.

Last, but nowhere near least on the agencies list of top M7+ Display features was the integrated Bluetooth Transceiver, which supports wireless keyboards, fingerprint readers and other Bluetooth devices, without the need for an additional antenna.

The M7+ Multi-Touch Display was engineered to be compatible with Data911's M7 CPU as well as with all next generation CPUs. Most of all, it was engineered to make the job of saving lives as safe and effective as possible, both now and in the future.

About Data911

Data911 is a mobile solutions provider with 32 years of development, design and manufacturing experience serving the Public Safety market. Their suite of in-vehicle products and solutions are designed to keep field personnel and command staff informed, efficient and safe.

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