TASER International, Inc. announced Sunday that it has developed a new in-car video system called Axon Fleet.

Axon Fleet features a wide-angle lens, HD video capture, a flexible design that allows for quick and straightforward camera swaps, a rear-facing camera, and a pre-event buffer for up to two minutes. Priced at only $499 per vehicle, Axon Fleet brings a simple user experience and unprecedented connectivity at a cost 90% lower than that of traditional in-car systems.

 Designed with connectivity in mind, Axon Fleet incorporates Axon Signal technology to automatically activate during critical situations.  In addition, Wi-Fi connectivity connects the system with Evidence.com, TASER's cloud-based video storage and evidence management solution.

“We’re bringing industry-leading technology to the in-car video market and offering it at an epic price,” says Rick Smith, CEO and founder of TASER. “We are delighted to bring the power of the cloud to the patrol car.  Not only is the price of the hardware dramatically lower than existing solutions, but with our Fleet Unlimited Plan, agencies can deploy the cameras with unlimited HD Evidence.com data management and secure storage for just $39 per month with our leaders' pricing program. Agencies can buy Axon Fleet and unlimited data storage for about half the cost of just the hardware of a typical in-car video system.”

“Even in the few months that we’ve been testing Axon Fleet, the advantages are clear,” says Sgt. Bill Kuykendall from the Buda (TX) Police Department. “We've gained a huge amount of space back in the patrol unit, with much better capabilities, all at a massive savings. Axon Fleet will change the way law enforcement looks at in-car technology solutions forever.”

“This announcement of Axon Fleet combined with that of Axon Body 2 and the expanded Axon platform provides an insight into the strategic vision held by TASER,” said Hadi Partovi, CEO of Code.org who also sits on TASER’s board. “We’re witnessing a major shift and exciting transformation of TASER’s business that’s on par with the likes of Netflix evolving from shipping DVDs to being the world’s largest streaming video service or that of Amazon becoming a major cloud computer provider. TASER’s metamorphosis to the Axon software platform with multiple hardware extensions provides a unified law enforcement customer experience similar to what consumers see today with the Apple ecosystem. This lays the foundation for tremendous growth and is the beginning of an incredible story.”

TASER is showcasing Axon Fleet in booth #5038 at this week's International Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference in Chicago, IL.

 Axon Fleet Features & Benefits

  • Retina HD Video: The industry's best low-light video now records in HD.
  • Wireless Activation: Axon Signal turns the camera on with light bar, TASER and other sensor activation.
  • Rear-Facing Camera: Capture what happens inside the car too.
  • Wireless Offload: Evidence uploads to the cloud via Wi-Fi or the Axon Dock.
  • No Maintenance Downtime: Trade out units in a few seconds without tearing the car apart.
  • Pre-Event Buffer: Capture up to 2 minutes before an event.
  • Advanced Security: Evidence is encrypted on the camera to protect data at all times.
  • Mobile App: Stream, tag, and replay any camera's videos right on your phone with Axon View.
  • Pricing: Costs 90% less than traditional in-car video systems.
  • Continuous Upgrades: Full-featured solution that receives new capabilities via software upgrades every 30 days.


About Axon & Evidence.com Platform:

 Thousands of law enforcement agencies to date are now utilizing the Axon platform, allowing them to seamlessly integrate software and hardware to enable powerful capabilities. The Axon platform connects technology and people in order to create safer communities. 

  • Powerful Simplicity: TASER's hardware and software products work together seamlessly and are easy to use, with software upgrades every 30 days that continually expand law enforcement capabilities.
  • Security Beyond CJIS.  TASER's security practicesgo above and beyond CJIS requirements to keep law enforcement's most sensitive data safe.
  • Connected Mobile App Suite.  The Axon suite of mobile applicationsaugments the body camera experience and allows officers to Capture, View, and stream Live video from their smartphone.
  • Infinite Capabilities from Capture to Courtroom: From body cameras to digital evidence management tools we arm law enforcement with great capabilities to help them focus on policing.
    • o CAD/RMS integration—Automates Axon video tagging by pulling in the correct metadata from existing systems.
    • o Interview room—Axon now supports an enterprise interview room solution, unifying an agencies digital evidence
    • o Automated redaction—Smart Tracker is an expanded suite of redaction tools that streamlines the fulfillment of public records requests
    • o Prosecutor solution—Secure digital collaboration with the prosecutor saves time and money

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