Cummins Allison, innovator and provider of check, currency, and coin handling solutions, has announced the availability of its Doc Find software. The new application is paired with the JetScan iFX currency scanner to allow law enforcement agencies to quickly and easily pull out buy money from a seizure and get it back into their budgets.

Keep Buy Money in Your Budget

Before Doc Find, law enforcement agencies had two options to recover buy money from a sting operation. They either manually examined each seized bill's serial number to see if it matched one on the list of buy money, or the agency had to write off the money as an expense because the manual method was too resource-intensive.

"Cash used as buy money typically comes from the law enforcement agencies' annual operations budget and is often written off as an expense. Even though it may have been seized during an arrest, most agencies cannot invest the time to hunt for those particular notes among thousands of others," said Tim Esterbrook, director of national accounts for Cummins Allison.

Agencies now can use Doc Find to search for buy money at 1,200 bills per minute. Connected to a JetScan iFX scanner, Doc Find can import serial numbers from a buy money list and then search for those serial numbers as the agents count the seized money. Buy money is clearly identified on the screen, and users can pull the bills out immediately, significantly reducing the time to search for specific bills. The buy money then can be put back into the agency's budget for continuing operations.

A Complete Solution for Processing Money and Managing Records

Doc Find is the latest application by Cummins Allison that helps law enforcement agencies manage currency better. The company has previously implemented its Image Management Software (IMS) to help agencies record and archive serial numbers and full note images for use in prosecution. IMS then allows for list comparison to confirm that buy money is within seized money.

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