Face Forensics has significantly extended its f2 advanced face recognition technology by adding the capability to match images of tattoos against databases containing them. Developed in response to demand from the law enforcement community, f2 has the ability to identify a tattoo or other image, even if it's been cropped, reformatted, or is just similar.

This capability is a new module within the Face Forensics Image Recognition Suite and is fully integrated so that it can connect any scar, mark, or tattoo directly back to its associated face and name.

The system includes automatic enrollment of existing tattoo images, and automatic detection and encoding of new tattoos that are added to external databases. The software accesses these images in read-only mode so data integrity is assured.

The Face Forensics Image Recognition Suite includes the world's only partial face recognition system, according to the company. It will work alongside existing biometric systems.

The tattoo module is available as a stand-alone/networked application, as a .Net SDK, and as a web service. It connects easily to images in existing industry-standard databases including SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2.

The f2 Image Recognition Suite is available for evaluation by interested organizations and suppliers to them.

About Face Forensics Inc.

The principals of Face Forensics have been directly involved in the development of face and image recognition technology for over 17 years, and have already developed one of the most successful face recognition systems in North America. This has been installed in numerous police forces and achieved notable successes. The team have also been responsible for the development of one of the largest image processing systems of its type anywhere in the world – the UK's ChildBase system. The f2 team comprises professionals with many years' experience in imaging technologies and applications, mathematics, biometrics, information technology, and international business.