Data911 has announced the integration of the Wolfcom Vision body-worn camera into the Verus video evidence management solution. Verus provides a single repository for all sources of video evidence - body worn, in-car, motorcycles, surveillance - from incident capture to the interview room.

Verus allows for uploading, reviewing, syncing, collecting, and categorizing all in one easy-to-use browser-based system.

The body-worn camera can be used independently or users can catalog video in the vehicle and have it uploaded wirelessly to the Verus evidence management system. Verus also enables video from the body-worn cameras to be synchronized with in-vehicle video, creating a complete time-accurate recreation of events from multiple vantage points.

Data911's body worn camera offering includes the VieVu LE3 camera and the Wolfcom Vision, which are compatible with the Verus system.

As with all Data911 products, the Verus evidence management solution is fully supported by the company's technical support specialists, customer training, and installation and warranty services.

About Data911

Data911 is a USA company founded in 1984 and headquartered in Alameda, Calif. They develop, design, manufacture, and support mobile solutions for public safety fleets and commercial fleets. The corporate office in Alameda houses all facets of the company – from product development to service and repair. Their suite of products includes in-car computers; in-car HD digital video; license plate recognition; body-worn cameras; tablets and a cloud-hosted vehicle tracking service. With the ability to integrate their products along with their product upgrade program, Data911 strives to provide the latest in technology at a lower total cost of ownership than other solutions.