PublicEngines, a provider of cloud-based solutions that facilitate crime analysis, supply actionable intelligence and increase community engagement for law enforcement, and governments, announced a new free service to help law enforcement agencies better understand the benefit of predictive analytics in their jurisdiction.

The evaluation includes a custom report for each agency that they can use to better understand and plan for using predictive analytics to reduce crime. The report provides an overview of agency's crime trends, identifies specific crime types that are predictable within the agency, and also outlines the agency's potential for crime reduction in the five different crime types that are available for predictive analytics.

The report is generated by PublicEngines' data science and integration team which evaluates the agency's crime data. After the data is analyzed, the report is delivered to the agency for their use in understanding the benefits and potential impact of predictive analytics on their agency. Agency's may share the report with city, county, and state management to look at how to budget-justify predictive analytics.

PublicEngines' CommandCentral Predictive is a cloud-based application that uses agency data to provide daily, directed patrol plans and tactical information to help agencies better target those areas. It provides predictions on key crime types including burglary, property crime, theft of vehicle, theft from vehicle, and street crime.

"We are very pleased to offer this assessment document to help agencies understand the impact predictive analytics can have on their agency," said William Kilmer, CEO of PublicEngines. "We view this assessment as a great starting point for agencies who are considering using predictive analytics to see how it can benefit them directly."

As an incentive for signing up for the assessment, PublicEngines is offering a free, one-year subscription to its crime mapping service along with the evaluation to qualifying non-customers. For more information on signing up for the assessment, visit

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