The Lancaster County (S.C.) Public Safety Communication Center is now using New World Systems' Aegis public safety software solutions.

Lancaster County’s Director of Public Safety Communications Chris Nunnery said the communications center licensed New World’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) while the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office licensed Corrections Management, Mobile Messaging, and Police Records.

“Believe it or not, we didn’t even have CAD before New World,” Nunnery said. “Everything we did was manual. We hand-processed everything two to three times and moved all forms through the system manually. Now that we’re using CAD, the amount of time saved in dispatch is tremendous.”

Nunnery said the communications center receives 185,000 calls and processes 47,000 911 calls annually. Using CAD, rescue personnel safety has been greatly improved with features like premise history information that first responders can review prior to arriving on the scene.

“Our main goal was to improve responder safety,” Nunnery said. “Now we provide them with as much information as possible about the environment they’re going into, so they can stay safe and help keep the community safe.”

Nunnery said the decision to work with New World was based on word-of-mouth support from neighboring York County along with New World’s customer support.

“What impressed me the most and what gives me the most comfort in working with New World is the relationship we have with the trainers and support staff,” Nunnery said. “These people got us through implementation and continue to be there for us. The customer service and individual touch is hard to beat. New World has some good folks out in the field and that really means a lot to us.”