VIDEO: Wash. Police Web Cartoon

A deputy police chief and a police sergeant with the Renton (Wash.) Police Department have been demoted for a Web cartoon lampooning the staff and procedures of a new regional jail in South King County.

The 9-minute cartoon, which was posted in January, featured a mustachioed police officer talking with a jail employee using a robot voice.

In the clip, the clown refuses to book a suspect and says the suspect is "too drunk," too "angry and loud," or has too big a backpack.

The city identified the sergeant who created the video as Bill Judd, who has been demoted to officer. Judd showed the video to former Deputy Police Chief Charles Marsalisi, who was accused of advising Judd on how to post it while remaining anonymous. Marsalisi was demoted to sergeant.

The investigation is separate from the case of "Mrfuddlesticks," a series of cartoons posted on YouTube in April lampooning city police and personnel.

Source: Seattle Times