Merlin Information Services has redesigned its Website, which is used by law enforcement investigators nationwide. The redesigned Website improves the customer experience, offers advanced search capabilities, and supports other company initiatives such as the Merlin Partner Program.

As part of the enhanced Website, Merlin unveiled MerLink, a new multi-database search tool for faster and improved search results. MerLink makes it easy for customers to search several databases at once. Now, with just a few keystrokes, customers can search more databases without redundant data entry.

MerLink includes searches into national credit headers, national white pages data, national assets, and a variety of current and historical California databases. Like other Merlin databases, customers will still be able to “dig deeper” from the MerLink results by using a secondary menu to search further into individual specialty databases.

Several Merlin customers were asked to participate in a focus group to help Merlin’s design team with MerLink. “We get our best product ideas from our own customers,” says Mike Dores, Merlin’s founder and president. “We’ve learned over the years to really listen to our customers; we know our focus for new development should always be driven by our customers’ needs.”

Merlin Information Services provides access to public record and other databases to investigative professionals who locate people, look for assets, run background checks, or perform other investigative work.

For more information about Merlin Information Services, visit Merlin’s website or call (800) 367-6646.