With nearly a quarter of a million people in Tampa for Super Bowl-related activities, efforts to ensure tight security communications and response surrounding the event are underway with E•Sponder's integrated solution for planning, tracking and reporting of all security matters surrounding the game.

For well over a year now, more than 60 federal, state, regional, local and municipal authorities have been working with the E•Sponder technology partnership to plan the security details for Super Bowl XLIII, one of the only major sporting events that receives National Security status. Beginning this week and continuing past the final game whistle, E•Sponder will connect onsite and remote authorities, allowing them to remotely track all activities in real time with mapping as well as 3-D displays, two-way radio integration and immediate communication.

"We're thrilled to be a part of the Super Bowl activities and supporting our long-term customers here in Tampa," said Robert Wolf, president and CEO of E•Sponder. "Our goal remains to provide the region's first responders with easy-to-use, real-time collaboration tools to help protect the fans attending events throughout Super Bowl week and the game itself."

Together with Infusion Development's Falcon Eye technology, the Tampa Incident Command staff will use E•Sponder portal to visualize all aspects of the Super Bowl activities. The Microsoft Surface device will display a Microsoft Virtual Earth map of the entire region tracking events, incidents, resources and tasks in real-time using its unique large display, multi-user, multi-touch and interactive capabilities, also allowing it to communicate with remote devices and PCs. With a quick hand-gesture, the map can zoom in and display a 3D image of the city, including detailed views of buildings and streets and real time resource tracking.

Additionally, Twisted Pair Solutions Inc will provide secure, real-time group communications and interoperability for two-way radio systems and other devices using its WAVE software technology. Fully integrated with E•Sponder and leveraging Microsoft's Office Communications Server platform, all law enforcement personnel can quickly see who is available and communicate with them using Instant Messaging, PC to PC Voice, video conferencing and PC-to radio/walkie-talkie methods. This capability, being used largely in the defense and first responder fields, allows for any user of E•Sponder to immediately communicate with resources not only in the command center, but directly in the field.

"The City of Tampa and its Incident Commander Major Bennett are leading an outstanding effort to manage security across jurisdiction, expertise and roles," said Gail Thomas-Flynn, Microsoft's general manager of state and local government. "In the spirit of the Super Bowl, it truly is a team effort to pull off the complex security effort. The E•Sponder team has put together a best of breed, cost efficient solution tools that help change the way law enforcement officials interact with digital information."

E•Sponder was first purchased by the City of Tampa in 2005 using Federal Homeland Security grants and has been expanded year over year through the same program. The previous purchase allows the region to utilize E•Sponder at no additional cost, providing significant savings.


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