Many companies and innovators have tried to create the perfect solution for keeping a gun safe from kids or other unauthorized users while simultaneously allowing the firearm to be ready at a moment’s notice for the gun owner.  Most solutions can be divided into three primary categories: traditional safes, cable or trigger locks, and biometric options. Each of these, however, while offering a way to secure firearms, suffer from either reliability or accessibility issues. Traditional safes and cables locks can be slow or difficult to use while biometric options, despite being fast, suffer from reliability issues. 


ZORE’s technology has changed the equation by providing a gun locking solution that is secure, quickly accessible and reliable.  It has done so through two new concepts:

  • Use of the gun’s charging mechanism to eject the lock – just as an empty case is ejected during normal use. This means that once unlocked, removing the lock happens in one swift motion.
  • RAPIDial, the unique unlocking system, allows users to easily and quickly unlock their gun quickly, without looking and without a key – essentially the advantages of biometrics without the reliability issues of biometrics.

Locking Mechanism

The caliber-specific, cartridge-shaped locking mechanism fits inside the chamber of the gun without applying any pressure to the barrel. Once engaged, any attempts to charge the gun will cause the cartridge to mechanically expand with force far greater than what is being applied the charge the gun, which means no one can use your gun once it is locked.  The lock itself, once engaged, is fully mechanical.

RAPIDIAL – The Unlocking Mechanism

ZORE X’s electro-mechanical dial allows for quick unlocking without the need for eye-contact with the lock.  This is no standard dial, rather, the lock counts clicks and each change of direction starts a new digit.  It doesn’t matter in which direction you start turning or at what point on the dial you start.  If your code is 3-4-5 you simply turn 3 clockwise, 4 counter-clockwise and then 5 clockwise – or vice versa.  You can overrun your last digit to make it even faster.  

See what others have said about ZORE X Core:

“I’ve seen many solutions for keeping guns safe throughout my career, but they’ve never been ready for prime-time in the gun community.  With a clever and simple locking mechanism, ZØRE has hit the critical balance between gun safety and readiness that I believe will revolutionize the industry.”

Steve Ellis of Top Guns Training Academy

“Law enforcement officers are responsible for keeping people safe, and a product like ZORE, that can help keep kids safe from firearms in the home, is a must for any gun-owner, including off-duty police.”

Stephen Day of the Maine Police Department

“The ZORE lock is, by far, a security system that truly surpasses expectations in a firearm safety lock. Firearm locks in my estimation must secure a firearm and be quickly removable.  As a retired Ohio teacher and current NRA basic firearm instructor, the securing of firearms is sacrosanct in my classes. The “Zore Lock” exceeds my standards for safety and removal is swift and with ease."

Joseph V Kocian, NRA-Certified Firearms Instructor

ZORE has been embraced by the gun owning community – even winning over skeptics of locking technology.

Join the ZORE revolution today. Own Your Gun.