These high-tech programs simplify your workflow and make doing your job easier.


Created for the public safety sector, Aladtec is designed to be a powerful, easy-to-use online employee scheduling and workforce management software system. It solves the employee scheduling challenges public safety agencies deal with. It's accessible 24/7 from any computer, smartphone, or mobile device with Internet access. Aladtec's automation can drastically reduce the time it takes for personnel scheduling, submitting and reviewing forms, certification tracking, staff communication, payroll and data management. A free custom trial is available.


Appriss' CrashLogic is designed for local police agencies that want a solution to the need of collection, submission, and distribution of police crash reports. Agencies can visually understand where their trouble spots are with crash mapping and trend analysis, adjusting their patrols as necessary. The powerful analytics can be used to reduce traffic incidents and graphically present the data to city officials to ultimately reduce injuries and deaths related to automobile accidents.

Carlson Software

With Carlson Software's two-part Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) software, investigators can measure a crime or accident scene in the field using CSI Mobile and then take the information back to their offices and analyze and map it with CSI Office. CSI Mobile includes a library of vehicle dimensions and items such as manholes and trees. CSI Office allows users to view a scene in three dimensions from many angles. Both are made to be easy to learn and easy to use.


The Cellebrite UFED Field Series speeds the investigative process by extending mobile data extraction capabilities to first responders, investigators, detectives, and border/customs agents. Platform agnostic, the UFED Field Series fast tracks evidence collection by unifying workflows between the field and forensic lab, making it possible to securely view, access, and share mobile data via in-car workstations, laptops, tablets, or a secure self-service kiosk located at a station.

CJIS Solutions

CJIS Solutions is a cloud services company that caters strictly to law enforcement. The company provides CJIS compliant solutions, including e-mail hosting, two-factor advanced authentication, data backup, mobile device management, secure file sharing, and server and storage solutions provided in a mission critical CJIS compliant environment with cop-friendly support. The company's solutions are designed to reduce the operating cost of ownership that agencies spend on their technology.


The Acadis Readiness Suite from Envisage is designed to make certain that our law enforcement officers are trained, equipped, and ready. The Suite measures readiness by automating complex, high-risk training and compliance operations. Acadis is designed to increase the accuracy and effectiveness across every level of critical incident response by consolidating information about personnel and resources. The modular system enables organizations to implement functionality where needed to support the compliance lifecycle. or


Faro's Crash Zone Version 10 is designed to deliver true 3D, vector-based CAD engine drawing functionality with the ability to view your 2D diagram and 3D view simultaneously. Create accurate animations, analyze line of sight issues, show bullet trajectory cones, and utilize Crash Zone's library of thousands of pre-drawn 2D/3D symbols. Features for crash reconstructionists include formulas to calculate speeds from skid, momentum, critical speed yaw, and crush. Users can easily combine data from manual measurements, laser scanners, total stations, and more.


When it comes to scheduling and staffing officers, Kronos Workforce TeleStaff optimizes the scheduling, communications, and deployment of officers to help ensure that you have the right person on duty, while containing costs, increasing efficiencies and productivity, improving morale, and minimizing compliance risk. Command-level staff will spend less time on scheduling and more time doing what they do best: protecting citizens, fighting crime, and training officers.

Mission Manager

Mission Manager is a cloud-based incident management tool designed to provide a secure, turnkey solution for personnel and asset management, mission planning, situational awareness, and automated reporting. Based on preparation, readiness, and execution, Mission Manager allows incident commanders to efficiently manage their team's daily operations, track events in real time on robust maps, and produce instant ICS reports.


SceneDoc is a smartphone/tablet-based software platform that provides public safety personnel a secure, accurate, and consistent means of documenting incident scenes. Comprised of a highly configurable mobile application, together with cloud-based data backup and administration, SceneDoc is used by governments and enterprises around the globe.


CrimePad is a professional grade, active investigation case management system that leverages the power of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for easy entry and retrieval of all aspects of an investigation. Used by the largest agencies, it is a true collaboration tool that provides real time information sharing amongst all members of an investigative team to include patrol, detectives, crime scene personnel, and command staff to make each investigation more efficient and effective.

MIR Systems

Intuitive, touch screen solutions from MIR (Mobile Incident Reporting) Systems are made to look and function just like your smartphone, with fully mobile capabilities. Run on MIR Systems' water-resistant tablet, the company's mobile reporting software features fully integrated language translation and speech recognition, built-in GPS mapping, texting from any mobile device to headquarters, and live video feed capability between headquarters and tablets. Messaging enables text, pictures, and HD video to be sent to officers in the field.

Ocean Systems

The Omnivore Field Kit by Ocean Systems gives you the ability to capture uncompressed video from a DVR using video cables (VGA, DVI, HDMI, S-Video, RCA) connecting directly to the video from the system. The video will display in the Field Kit Viewer, ready to be captured using the Omnivore software. The uncompressed copy of the video can then be instantly previewed, then saved and exported to common formats without the need for proprietary viewers.


Spillman Technologies now offers Spillman Nova, a product designed to offer an affordable way to manage critical information like name records, incident reports, crime analytics, and more. For agencies that do not already partner with larger, neighboring agencies for services, Spillman Nova provides a hosted, or web-based, solution for records management and eliminates the burden of purchasing equipment and maintaining databases.


Trax from Zetx aids officers in investigations by making the compiling and analysis of call detail records quick and effortless using Trax Historical. Scientific mapping, effortless analysis, and solid court presentations are all in one place. Trax Live maps your target and tracks all your resources straight from your mobile device in real time. Provider pings and callouts are quick, efficient, and easy. Zetx also offers law enforcement officers cell phone investigations training, from basic classes to SME certifications.